Abdullah bin Umar (RA) narrates from Rasool-Allah (SAW), "Duaa for a person not present is accepted quickly by Allah." (Tirmizi and Abu Dawood)
الصلاة و السلام عليك يا رسول الله
Thursday 18th July 2019 - 14 Dhū al-Qa'dah 1440 AH
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Usmani Mosque is currently in debt of £0 which includes bank loans and karz-e-hasana. We appeal to all brothers and sisters to donate whole heartedly in this noble cause.

“Who is he that will loan to Allah a beautiful loan, which Allah will double unto his credit and multiply many times? It is Allah that gives (you) want or plenty, and to Him shall be your return.” The Quran 2:245

“Whoever builds a house for Allah, Allah will Build a House for him in Paradise.” [Bukhari]

“Giving away something in charity does not cause any decrease in a person’s wealth, but increases it instead. The person who adopts humility for the sake of Allah is exalted in ranks by Him.” [Sahih Muslim]

May Allah reward you for your kindness and support. JazakAllahu Khayran!

Please also find attached the following forms regarding gift aid and standing order. Please note all the donations are Lillah. If you want to give Zakat, Fitranah or Sadka please contact the mosque.

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Bank Transfer

Please use the following account details when making the payment via BACS.

Account Number: 30402834
Sort Code: 20-49-11
Bank Name: Barclays Bank Plc

Gift Aid

Please note: Only fill in this form if you are a UK tax payer. The tax could be on PAYE, Self Employment, Capital Gains, Rental properties and any other UK income tax.
Gift Aid Form

Standing Order

Please note: Payment can also be made via standing order or direct debit.
Standing Order Form


Cheques should be made payable to ‘Usmani Mosque’ and handed into the office. If posted, please write your full name and address at the back of the cheque and post it to 14 Gwendolen Road, Leicester, LE5 5FE.